Name: David Aubrey Williams.
  Race: Black/African American.
  Complexion: Fair/Light Complexion.
  Sex: Male.
  DOB December 08, 1968.
  Height: 5.11"
  Weight: 200± pounds. When last seen.
  Hair: Black/Dark Brown.
  Eyes: Black/Dark Brown.
  Glasses: Yes (some times).
  Missing since: October 23, 1989.
  Missing From: Detroit, Michigan Area.
Missing David Aubrey Williams

David Aubrey Williams mysteriously disappeared on October 23, 1989 with out a trace and has not been seen since that day. David if you are able to view this site your entire family would like for you to know that we love you, miss you and need to hear from you. If any one has any information about David Aubrey Williams please double or on the picture to send email. You can speak to a family member directly by dialing 1-248-275-9699, 1-248-765-2570, 1-313-341-0319, 1-313-461-6677, or 1-713-304-1806. The Salvation Army Missing Persons Bureau 1-847-294-2000 and the Royal Oak, Michigan Police 1-248-246-3500 are also actively searching for David. Police case number 89-29869.